Women Win in Columbus

Women's sports have always been big in Columbus. From the youth and high school level through college and international competitions, women win here. As early as 1897 - just six years after it was invented - high school girls were playing organized basketball in Columbus. Columbus is also one of the…

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Columbus Will Run it Back in 2027

It’s time to Run it Back, Columbus! Like every great story in sports, ours is a comeback. The process to bring the Women’s Final Four to Columbus started with a lost bid in 2008. Ten years later, after regrouping and linking across public & private sectors, the city came together to host an…

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20 Moments in 20 Years of Columbus Sports: Part 2

Columbus has become a sports hub; the host of a never-ending series of local, national and even international sporting events that have helped change the perception of the city and drive economic and social development forward. In honor of the Sports Commission’s 20th Anniversary, take a look at…

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