Remembering Phyllis Bailey

Phyllis Bailey was one of the true pioneers of women’s intercollegiate athletes: the first varsity basketball coach at The Ohio State University, an administrator for women’s sports at Ohio State for more than three decades, one of the founders of the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for…

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"Live Tweeting" the First-Ever Game at Ohio Stadium

To celebrate Ohio Stadium's 100th Anniversary, we got in the time machine to went back to the first-ever game in the Shoe. Twitter didn't exist in 1922, but if it did this is how Ohio State vs. Ohio Wesleyan would have played out from the press box. Good morning, football rooters. October 7th…

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Things to Do on Ohio State's Campus

A lot of people are headed to Columbus for Labor Day Weekend. Just ask the folks at Airbnb who listed Columbus as the top trending location for Labor Day 2022. We have a hunch the Notre Dame vs. Ohio State football game has something to do with it. If you're in Columbus for the game, here are a few…

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