Has your team been working on cornhole tosses during your lunch break? Have you helped recruit all your co-workers to create the best possible team for event day? Well, all your practice and preparation is about to pay off. The Community Cup, presented by The Columbus Foundation, will be here in just over a month!

This one-day corporate challenge – or adult field day, as we like to call it – will get your company working together on and off the field. If you’re eager to cheer your colleagues on to victory, show off your athleticism and win bragging rights over other Central Ohio organizations, this is the event for you.

Whether you’re a rookie to the team roster or a seasoned veteran back for year two, these tips will help you make the most out of The Community Cup.

Prepare your team rosters in advance

There’s no such thing as overpreparation when it comes to an event like The Community Cup! With 13 events spread out across the Otterbein University athletic campus, you’ll want a game plan going into event day. Maximize your team participation and points by assigning roster spots for each event ahead of time. Events range from the low-stress One-mile Walk to the highly competitive Dodgeball, so there’s something for everyone at The Community Cup.

Tackle each event with a team-first mindset

Witnessing the camaraderie and competitiveness of The Community Cup is certainly one of the best parts of event day, but don’t let the competition get the best of you. Like any task, the key to claiming the Cup is teamwork. Make sure you’re checking in with your teammates throughout the day to keep up efficiency, spirit and positivity. This way, you can ensure that it’s been a successful team building outing, even if your team doesn’t finish on top.

Tailgate like it will earn you points

Surely, we don’t have to explain tailgating to people in Columbus, right? The Giant Eagle Tailgate Zone is the social epicenter of The Community Cup, and you won’t want to miss out on your chance to make it your own. Each team will get its own team tent where you can kick back, order Giant Eagle catering, play some music and recharge from the competition. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that The Community Cup is better with food, drinks and friends!

Be proud of your team’s efforts!

Corporate challenges are hard work, so don’t let your teammates’ efforts go unnoticed. Make sure to thank everyone for their contributions, take a photo and celebrate as a team. You should have a great amount of pride for the work that you and your teammates put toward a common goal. Win or lose, you showed up and worked hard for each other!

The Community Cup, presented by The Columbus Foundation, will be held on Sept. 28 at Otterbein University. You can visit columbuscommunitycup.com for more information on registration, participating teams and what to expect on event day.