Erin Andrews has graced our TV screens for years, covering some of the sports world’s biggest games and even transitioning into major roles in entertainment. She has paved the way for countless women in sports reporting and continues to inspire us with her versatile career. 

On Feb. 9, you can get even more familiar with Andrews as she joins The Women’s Sports Report as keynote speaker. Andrews adds to the already impressive roster of speakers who have graced the stage, including Maria Taylor and Kerri Walsh Jennings. In its 11th year, The Women’s Sports Report honors trailblazers, like Andrews, who advocate for equity and advancement for girls’ and women’s sports in Columbus and beyond. With the event going virtual this year, it’s easier than ever to be part of the conversation and learn about Andrews’ experiences in the industry. 

Although it’s hard to imagine an NFL Sunday without Andrews, you may not know how she rose in the ranks of sports reporting, or how she has expanded her brand beyond the sidelines. Before you hear from Andrews at The Women’s Sports Report in February, get to know a little bit more about her: 

Her Career Began Rink-Side 

While we’re used to seeing her on the gridiron, Andrews followed her passion to a variety of other sports in her career, starting with hockey. The Florida-native started her sports reporting career as a Tampa Bay Lightning reporter for the Sunshine Network while freelancing with FOX Sports Florida South. She would go on to continue her hockey coverage with ESPN. 

She’s Been a Top Reporter for ESPN and FOX Sports 

Andrews spent eight years at ESPN where her duties ranged from hosting College GameDay to sideline reporting for NCAA football and basketball. She made the leap to FOX Sports in 2012 where she has become a widely respected NFL reporter. Each Sunday during the NFL season, Andrews reports for 56.4 million viewers as the sideline reporter for FOX NFL Sunday. 

She Added “Creator” to Her Resume in 2019 

While she’s known for sports, Andrews’ talents go beyond just the game. In 2019 she launched a women’s NFL apparel line, WEAR by Erin Andrews, with Fanatics. Designed to give women fashionable and comfortable options for showing their fandom, the apparel line was the best performing new women’s collection across Fanatics’ entire NFL portfolio in its first year. In 2020, Andrews expanded the line to include items for all 32 NFL teams, select NCAA schools and NBA teams. 

She’s Covered the Biggest Events in Sports 

Andrews is no stranger to the spotlight and has the sports reporting resume to prove it. She’s a staple at major sporting events annually, with recent notable appearances including Super Bowl LIV, Super Bowl LI and Super Bowl XLVIII. She’s also covered the 2014 and 2015 World Series and MLB All-Star Games. Where there’s a need for great sports stories, Andrews is sure to be there to tell them. 

She’s Still Breaking Barriers for Women in Sports 

There’s no doubt that Andrews has grown into a household name in sports, she continues to break barriers for women in the field. In February, she will be honored with the Pat Summerall Award, given each year to a notable NFL broadcaster. Andrews paves the way as the first woman to receive the honor, but likely not the last. 

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