Selecting the right city to host your sports event is a crucial decision that can impact its success. Of course, we think Columbus is a top host city, but wanted to share five key considerations to keep in mind when you're selecting a host city.


Infrastructure and Facilities

Evaluate the city's existing infrastructure and sports facilities. Ensure that the venue not only meets the specific requirements of your sports event but also offers additional amenities such as ample seating, parking, and accessibility for participants and spectators. The availability of quality training facilities and accommodation options is also essential.
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Local Community Support

Assess the level of enthusiasm and support from the local community. A city with a strong sports culture and engaged residents is more likely to embrace and actively participate in the event. Consider factors such as local sports clubs, community organizations, and the general interest in sports within the chosen city.
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Logistics and Accessibility

Evaluate the logistical aspects of hosting the event in a particular city. Consider the ease of transportation, including proximity to airports, highways, and public transit options. Accessibility is crucial for both participants and spectators, and a well-connected city can enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.
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Local Government Support

Investigate the level of support and cooperation from local government authorities. A city with a proactive and supportive local government can streamline the event planning process, assist with necessary permits, and contribute to the overall success of the sports event.


Tourism and Local Attractions

Assess the city's appeal as a destination for participants and spectators. A city with cultural attractions, entertainment options, and a vibrant local scene can enhance the overall experience for attendees. Consider the availability of accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment options to ensure that participants and spectators have a positive and memorable stay.
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By carefully considering these factors, you can identify a city that not only meets the logistical and practical requirements of your sports event but also provides a positive and engaging experience for participants and spectators alike.