See why Columbus Has No Offseason!

Columbus Has No Offseason

Since 2002, the Greater Columbus Sports Commission has booked more than 500 new sporting events in the Columbus Region. We never stop submitting bids, either. A year-round schedule, filled with local and national events, is a testament to our fast-paced nature.  

Our Mission

The Greater Columbus Sports Commission’s mission is to rally Columbus to compete and win sporting events, providing a singular athlete and fan experience and positively impacting image, economy and lifestyle. 2018 was a defining year for the Sports Commission, click here to read why. 

Making a bold name for ourselves.

We’re not afraid to dream big and strive to be a city that’s recognized as a top sports destination. Columbus is home to world-class facilities, competitive teams and with a friendly, open vibe we’re well on our way to greatness.

Support isn’t a spectator sport.

Columbus rallies around sports unlike anywhere else. Attend any of our events to witness a special kind of camaraderie, spirit and determination. You’ll feel our passion for your event as soon as you set foot in the city.

And the crowd goes wild!

The Sports Commission has generated an estimated $605 million in visitor spending. Those millions of dollars go back into the city we love, improving quality of life for our community and boosting economic growth.

We do amazing things together.   

As a non-profit organization, our small but mighty staff is governed by a vested Board of Commissioners with a shared love for Columbus and sports. We gather annually at The Women’s Sports Report and The Morning Sports Report to thank our community for its continued support. For milestones from the past year, check out the video to your right!