This June, the Memorial Tournament Presented by Workday will bring many of the best players in the world to Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.

The tournament was built off a vision brought upon by 18-time major winner Jack Nicklaus, who grew up in nearby Upper Arlington.

While Nicklaus’ goal was to bring world-class championship golf to the place he grew up, he also wanted to give fans accessible and enjoyable views to take in golf at the highest level. When Nicklaus designed the golf course in the mid-1970’s, he and his design team generated elevation next to the borders of the playing areas, which created amphitheaters around the fairway and green complexes.

“Ampitheatering”, as Nicklaus called it, or “stadium golf”, as it is known today, has since become a popular idea throughout professional golf course design. Thanks to this visionary idea from Nicklaus, a multitude of amazing views can be found throughout Muirfield Village Golf Club, it’s just about picking the right one!

Here are some of the top areas to view the action this week at The Memorial Tournament:


No. 14 Green

Left of the 14th green is the best spot on the golf course to take in all the Memorial Tournament has to offer. A large hill on the side of the green gives fans a great look at what is also the most exciting hole on the course. Any great golf hole gives players a variety of fair options en route to success, which this hole accomplishes. Surrounded by No. 10, No. 11, No. 15, No. 17, and No. 18, the area is also the focal point of the back-nine. That means beverages, food, and restrooms are aplenty. If you weren’t sold yet, well, it is Jack Nicklaus’ favorite hole on the golf course.


No. 12 Green

The most scenic hole on the golf course is absolutely one you’ll want to stop by. This par-3 is tucked in the northwest corner of the property and sits beside a large pond. While it presents one of the greatest challenges on the course for the players, it is the most relaxing spot on the back-nine at Muirfield Village for the fans. “The Hill on No. 12” offers a spectacular view of the green, where patrons can relax in Adirondack chairs that overlook the hole. Fans don’t have to leave their chair for drinks or food either, as chair-side wait service is available. The hole also happens to be modeled after No. 12 at Augusta National, one of the most famous holes in golf.


No. 16 Tee Box (for serious golf fans)

For those wanting to really get invested in the golf shots, there isn’t a better place to stand than next to the tee box on the par-3 16th. If you get the right angle, you can be within ten feet of the players as they hit their tee shot, be able to hear the pre-shot interaction with their caddies, and then watch them finish the hole on the green. No. 16 often plays a major role in deciding the golf tournament, as it is one of the most difficult holes at Muirfield Village.


Honorable Mentions

Behind No. 6 Green: Due to its proximity to the 6th tee lot, fans tend to flock to the fifth green. However, the addition of a set of bleachers and multiple concession venues have turned the sixth green into an equally desirable spot, but with less traffic.

Anywhere Around No. 9 Green: While the nearby 18th green is comparable, the ninth green separates itself with its more accessible view from all angles, as well as its meandering creek in front of the green complex. This will make for a larger variety of results on the players’ approach shots.

Next to the No. 11 Tee Box: The closest you can get to a tee shot while being outside the ropes. For those who like seeing a professional bomb a drive over 300 yards from up-close, this is your best chance.