The light feels warm peeking through the double doors. You can hear the collective rumble of fans dampened behind them. They’re all here — every one of them cheering in anticipation.

There’s a surprising sense of calm within. Everything has been taken care of, every moment has felt significant since you arrived, and everything is in its place. The focus has been on you, so yours could be here, on this moment.

You can see it all — what it will feel like to win, to celebrate, and to create a whole weekend of memories. It’s all right here. This is the city that lets you breathe — be all that you are — and imagine all that could be.

The doors are opening. It’s time now — time for the main event — and it’s all yours.

Get Crowned in Columbus.

“Columbus will continue to serve as the benchmark. As you went through the entire process to get the Women’s Final Four, know that you’ve fulfilled your promise to deliver a top-flight championship event for our student-athletes, schools, our coaches, administrators and the fans of women’s basketball. It will be a Women’s Final Four that is not soon forgotten.”

– Lynn Holzman, NCAA VP of Women's Basketball

“We always enjoy working with the Greater Columbus Sports Commission and the representatives of the Ohio Valley Region of USA Volleyball. We know our athletes and their families and friends will enjoy everything that Columbus has to offer.”

– Jamie Davis, USA Volleyball president and CEO