We were thrilled to break last year's record with nearly 1,300 registered athletes. Thirty-six teams competed, with DIV checking in as the largest division with 13 teams. We had 14 sports once again, but they weren't all the same as last year. Soccer Kick and Hockey Shot featured updated nets, we added two more plates to Wiffle Ball HR Derby and shortened the Golf Chipping course. Finally we brought in a new sport, Volleyball Passing, to replace Lacrosse Passing.

2023 Community Cup 5k


Congratulations to the 2023 Champions across all four divisions.

  • DI: SafeLite AutoGlass
  • DII: Ohio State Athletics
  • DIII: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • DIV: City of Obetz

Divisions II and III were especially tight throughout the day, with teams moving up and down the scoreboard seemingly every few minutes.

CBJ 2023 Cup Champions

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2023 Community Cup dodgeball

Thank You

To our teams, athletes, volunteers and partners, thank you! The Columbus Foundation has been title sponsor of this event since our first year in 2018 and their support has been instrumental in the growth of the Community Cup into what it is today. We're also thankful to Fortress Obetz for hosting for the fourth year and providing us an excellent space to connect and compete.  All of our additional partners that sponsored a sport or an area, and those that signed up for Home Court, we appreciate you. The weather was great, until it wasn't. For those of you that stuck it out whether for a few minutes or a couple hours, thanks for giving us a chance to finish the competition. Although we had to cancel Tug of War and the DIV Dodgeball Tournament, most teams completed at least 12 sports.

2023 Tailgate zone community cup

2024 Date

We're back at Fortress Obetz in 2024, but on a new date. We'll see you there on Friday, September 13, 2024. We'll be in touch with Team Captains about 2024 registration soon.