Brian Boitano and Jason Brown visited Columbus in August to help kick off single session ticket sales for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. In between media interviews, video shoots, a Learn to Skate event and a tour of Nationwide Arena, they made time to check out the city.

We asked them what their favorite parts of the city were and what figure skating fans have to look forward to if they visit Columbus in January. Here's the rundown, or see for yourself in the videos below.


Jason's and Brian's Top 5 Reasons to Visit Columbus

  1. So many things to do near Nationwide Arena. EXPLORE
  2. The food and drink scene is awesome and diverse. EAT UP
  3. The architecture is beautiful and the layout of the city is fun to explore. NEIGHBORHOODS
  4. The people were so nice and welcoming.
  5. The city is so excited to host the event after years of wanting to add it to the schedule.

While they were here, Jason and Brian also shared what makes this event a must-see for local fans in Columbus. Here's what they came up with.


Jason and Brian's Top 5 Reasons to Get Tickets

  1. You won't believe how fast skaters glide across the ice until you see it live.
  2. The chance to see future Olympians on their way to greatness.
  3. Figure skating blends athleticism and artistry better than any other sport.
  4. Be there when skaters earn their spots on Team USA.
  5. It's the first time this event has been in Columbus, so you have a chance to see history.

Follow Jason at @JasonBSkates and Brian at @BrianBoitano. Then come to Nationwide Arena January 22-28 to see them live - Jason on the ice, Brian in the stands. Get tickets at