You can call it a field day for adults. You can call it team building that's actually fun. No matter what you call the Community Cup, you're guaranteed to have a good time. Why register a team? We'll give you five reasons!


1. Engage Your Employees

It's been a hard couple of years on all of us. The pandemic has changed the way we work - video calls, working from home, remote meetings. It's not easy to build a team or create connections through a screen. The Cup gets your team working as a team! 

"It's the perfect mix of wellness, health and building connections across our teams." - Shannon Morgan from PNC

2. Meet the Community

Nationwide, Ohio State Athletics, Safelite AutoGlass and PNC and many more companies will be there. Putting your name next to these leading Columbus companies elevates your brand and helps make connections to potential partners or clients.

3. Beat the Community

At the end of the day, it's a competition. And who doesn't like to lift a trophy? Imagine the camaraderie and confidence boost your organization would get if they win the division? Many companies compete in each division, but only one can one. Will it be your team?

4. Change Your Narrative

You don't have to be at a big company or a particularly sporty one to have fun and success at the Cup. In fact, you can change how people think of your company or industry even just by showing up to compete.

“We have a young staff that loves to get outside and loves to compete. A few years back a team joked to us ‘We thought you were just a bunch of bean-counters.’ We loved proving them wrong!” - Mike Abramo from Plante Moran

5. There's something for Everyone

With 14 events of varying speeds and skill levels, you can get everyone on your staff involved. That means Ian from IT, Carol from customer support and Mike from marketing can all play a role. No doubt, some of the sports will leave you hot and sweaty. But plenty others are better for the slow and steady. 

To learn more about what the Greater Columbus Sports Commission does, visit the About Us page