With a resume that already includes the Super Bowl, World Series, entertainment hosting and more, Erin Andrews is still charging forward to grow her versatile career. 

Andrews spoke as the keynote of The Women’s Sports Report, an event that gathers community leaders, industry professionals, student-athletes and fans to recognize the impact of sports on girls and women in the Columbus community and beyond. The event was held virtually for the first time, but Andrews’ positivity and passion captivated the audience as soon as she took the “stage.”  

She spoke candidly about what drives her to be better and how she turned her lifelong sports fandom into a trailblazing career with her unique style of storytelling. For Andrews, it was about more than X’s and O’s. 

“Yes I cared about who won the game, but I loved the players and what they stood for,” Andrews said. “I loved the stories behind them. I loved who their friends were in the league. I loved the stories about the organizations. So that’s how I fell in love with it.” 

Andrews’ unique brand of storytelling helped her career flourish, and she soon became one of the most recognizable broadcasters in sports. In 2012, she joined FOX Sports to be a sideline reporter for FOX NFL Sunday, reaching 56.4 million unique viewers each week. Andrews also spent nearly a decade at ESPN, where she hosted College GameDay and was an integral part of NCAA football and basketball coverage. 

At every step of her journey, Andrews acknowledged that she may not have been ready for each role, but she was committed to improvement and growth. 

“I was inexperienced, but I think the one thing that separates me from a lot of people is that I’m obsessed with getting better,” Andrews said. “I’m driven to absolutely get as much information as possible, and I love it.” 

Her message applied widely to the event’s audience of fans that continue to support women breaking barriers in sports. Andrews spoke about having a front-row seat to the progress, acknowledging the pressures that come with being a woman in sports. 

“It’s a big responsibility for myself, for these women, to carry the torch and pave the way,” Andrews said. “But we have to make sure that we enjoy it.” 

Beyond her time on-screen, Andrews continues to be a trailblazer in other areas. In 2019, she launched a women’s apparel line, WEAR by Erin Andrews, after she recognized a lack of selection for women who wanted to make sports part of their everyday lives.  

“It took five or six years for people to believe me that I would totally back this and make this my baby,” Andrews said. “It’s been a nutty learning experience but I’ve loved the opportunity and I can’t wait to get better and better.” 

Despite the challenges of being a reporter, creator, host and broadcaster during the pandemic, Andrews said she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Even with almost two decades of experience under her belt, she knows there is always more to learn

“There is so much I need to improve as an NFL sideline reporter, but that makes me love it so much more,” Andrews said. “That makes me know I have room to grow and makes me still want to do it after all these years.”