Presented by CAPA, the Cinema Columbus Film Festival today announced its opening night film, False Positive, a documentary about Olympic sprinter Butch Reynolds from Akron-based filmmaker Ismail Al-Amin, to screen Wednesday, April 24 at 7 pm at the Southern Theatre. 

False Positive, a yet-to-be-released ESPN Films 30 for 30 documentary, is the untold story of the fastest man in the world, Butch Reynolds, whose legendary career was derailed by a faulty drug test in one of the greatest injustices in American sports history.

Monte Carlo, 1990. The world record holder in the 400-meters, Butch Reynolds, takes a routine drug test that comes back positive for the anabolic steroid Nandrolone. When Butch challenges the results, the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) publicly admits their lab technician mixed up Reynold’s urine specimen with another athlete’s, leading to a “false positive.” In an outrageous about-turn that would lead to one of the greatest injustices in American sports, the IAAF refuses to administer another test, claiming the lab “corrected their mistake.” Instead, they label Reynolds a “dirty athlete,” banning him from competition during the most vital years of his career.

Moviegoers are invited to stay after the screening for a Q&A with Al-Amin and Reynolds.

“As soon as I saw False Positive for the first time, I knew it would be a perfect fit for our opening night. The film’s tone and spirit embody so much of what makes art powerful - that storytelling can be a tool to reclaim and reenergize narratives, particularly a narrative around the tumultuous professional and personal journey of Ohio legend Butch Reynolds,” Cinema Columbus Festival Director Brett Reiter said. “It's an honor to have the festival act as a platform for this important homegrown story, as we kick off the multi-day celebration of the creativity, artistry, and impact of independent film.”

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Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the link below, in-person at the CBUSArts Ticket Center (39 E. State St.) or by phone at (614) 469-0939.


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