Belong Gaming Arenas opens its latest and largest US-based esports & gaming center at Polaris Fashion Place on Friday. The Columbus arena will serve as a hub for the local gaming community, offering an opportunity for gamers to watch, play and compete in their favorite titles on top-of-the-line equipment.

“Gaming and esports are a way for people to connect, and Belong creates an environment where these communities can come together and flourish,” said Martyn Gibbs, CEO of Belong Gaming Arenas. “Columbus has always had a passionate gaming community behind it and is home to our sister company, Esports Engine. We can’t wait to provide a new home for gaming culture to continue growing in the Columbus area.”

Belong’s 12,000-square foot Polaris Arena will serve as Belong Arena's third U.S. location as well as the home field of the Polaris Pilots, the city’s local amateur esports team that will represent their hometown as they compete in organized tournaments, leagues, and scrimmages against other teams across the Belong Arena network.

New esports gaming arena to open in Polaris area Friday (The Columbus Dispatch)

About Belong Gaming Arenas

Belong Gaming Arenas, a division of Vindex, connects communities of gamers through its international network of experiential gaming centers and digital platform, where they come together to celebrate their love of gaming recreationally and competitively. Since 2016, Belong has provided an inclusive environment for gamers of all types to play at its 25 locations throughout the United Kingdom and new locations rolling out across the United States in 2021.


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