If you’re anything like us, it’s probably been a few (or so!) years since you’ve participated in a field day. You know, the one from elementary school that occurred near the end of the year and all your classmates came out to participate in one, or many, events. It was all fun and games.

Well, we’re attempting to replicate field day, but this time we’re a little older and perhaps a little more competitive. We’ve created The Community Cup 2018 Sports Challenge, presented by The Columbus Foundation, as an opportunity to dust off those field day skills.

In staying true to preparing for any sporting event, we’ve collected some inspiration to rally your team members and prepare them for success! 

Whether you’re competing solely as a team-building experience or your team is ultra-competitive and ready to prove they are the best of the best, these six tips will help you make the most out of your corporate challenge – win or lose!


1. Prep for your moment of glory

There’s no such thing as overpreparation when it comes to an event like The Community Cup. Pack your bags ahead of time with all things that may be required for your moment in the spotlight. The 5K is your chance to break out those expensive running shoes you just had to have. Take the One-Mile Walk as an opportunity to strap on that fitness tracker for its intended purpose. Find your way to prep for the moment, whether it’s taking practice hurls in the backyard with the football or re-watching your favorite motivational sports movies just one more time. Checking these items off your list will ensure that you have nothing stopping you on the day of the event!


2. Bring a winning mindset AND a team-first mindset

We all want to win the Cup, and that’s what makes this event so great! But don’t let it disrupt the teamwork that you and your colleagues have worked so hard to create prior the event. Nobody wants an awkward situation later at the water cooler. Make sure you’re checking in with your teammates throughout the day to keep up efficiency, spirit and positivity. Even if your team doesn’t come away with the Cup, you can still ensure that it’s a successful team-building outing by being there to cheer on your colleagues and getting into the fun and spirit of the games.


3. Stay on track by finding your strengths

The Community Cup has no shortage of opportunities to rack up points for your team, so find your specialty and run with it. With eight events ranging from 3x3 Basketball to the One-Mile Walk, there’s an event for every level of participant and no pressure to compete where you’re not comfortable. Whether you’re the designated strong man gearing up for Tug of War or the team motivator who will be cheering at the 5K finish line, you will play an integral part of your team’s finish in The Community Cup! Touch base with your team captain before the games begin to find out where your talents can best be utilized.


4. Own the Tailgate Zone

There’s no prize for best tailgate tent, but if there was, we’d want you to win it. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your Tailgate Zone tent the envy of the organizations around you. Take advantage of Giant Eagle catering or bring snacks, drinks and grills like any other tailgate, but don’t be afraid to go above and beyond to proudly make the team tent your own. Consider hanging banners, motivational signage or even team lineups for every event to stay organized. The Tailgate Zone will serve as your HQ to recharge and regroup throughout the day, so don’t skimp on the prep to make it uniquely yours!


5. Maximize the fun of the Family Fun Zone

You may be spending your Saturday morning with your coworkers, but you don’t have to deprive your friends and family of all the fun while you and your team make a run for the Cup. The Family Fun Zone will provide activities and snacks throughout the day, but your squad can also offer support by watching each event. Matching T-shirts, supportive signs and even team cheers or chants are accepted (and encouraged!).


6. Team Selfie!

Corporate challenges are hard work, so don’t let your team members’ efforts go unnoticed when all is said and done. Make sure to thank your team members for their contributions throughout the day or get together for a team photo that’s sure to make the office fridge. Trophy or no trophy, you should have a great amount of pride for the effort you and your teammates put toward a common goal. Either way, you can always start strategizing for next year!


The Community Cup will be held Saturday, Sept. 15, at Otterbein University. If your team has what it takes, you can head to columbuscommunitycup.com to register and learn more.